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The three communities that make up the Terracina Senior Living campus were designed to offer a setting and environment that promotes satisfaction and happiness for residents, guests, their families and friends and the greater Naples community. Below are some resources and frequently asked questions with answers as you begin to consider the move to senior living or as you explore a short-term stay for transitional care.

General Questions

  • What is “senior living?” What makes it different from a nursing home?

    Senior living encompasses a range of living options for older adults, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Terracina Senior Living offers all of these living options. All provide services and amenities like full-service dining, housekeeping, transportation, 24-hour staff – plus a well-rounded schedule of social, educational and cultural opportunities.

    We provide discreet assistance with daily tasks like medication reminders, bathing and getting dressed, incontinence care, and getting to and from meals and events.

    Senior living is a residential community offering services and amenities like a hotel, and help with daily tasks if needed. A nursing home is a medical institution designed to provide advanced, skilled medical care for those who need it.

  • What should I look for in a senior living community?

    Choosing the right senior living community is an important and personal decision for you and your family. At Terracina Senior Living, we recommend considering several factors that reflect the community’s clinical expertise, philosophy of care and service, general atmosphere and location.

  • How do I know if Terracina Senior Living can meet my care needs?

    We have a licensed nurse on staff who performs an assessment on potential residents to determine if we are the right fit.

  • Can someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia live at Terracina Senior Living?

    Yes. We offer our personalized memory care program, Pearls of Life®, where specially trained staff provide innovative, highly personalized care in an intimate, structured environment.

  • Do you offer 24 hour nursing?

    Yes, we have nurses on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our nurse works with all our residents and their families, even including those in independent living, offering our families and residents peace of mind.

  • What should I do if I have something that I'd like to have addressed?

    You should always feel free to talk to anyone at our community about your loved one’s care. The Executive Director is the highest authority on site and is available to discuss any concerns you might have. If you have a specific issue, please feel free to discuss it with the appropriate department head (Director of Nursing, Dining Room Manager, etc.).

  • Which company are you managed by?

    The Goodman Group has managed our community since 1999. The Goodman Group is a privately held company and a national leader in creating and managing senior living and health care communities. For more information, visit The Goodman Group at www.thegoodmangroup.com.

  • What training do team members receive?

    Team members receive ongoing training on a monthly basis depending on their certification, license or position.

    Every team member also receives The Goodman Group’s Platinum Service® training and certification, embraces the program and promises to follow its 20 service standards.

    Each morning at Terracina Senior Living every employee embraces our mission, our values, and their personal commitment to deliver our Platinum Service® Standards. This daily exercise helps sustain and perpetuate our culture of exceptional service on a company-wide basis for the benefit of our residents and guests.

    Our Platinum Service® Pledge: “Providing unparalleled service is the focus of our team efforts and my main personal role. I am committed to following and supporting our service philosophy.”


Amenities & Environment


  • How do I arrange a visit?

    The first step is to arrange a visit to our community! During your visit, we’ll talk to you about how we can meet you or your loved ones’ needs. To set up a tour, simply call us at 239-455-1459.

  • Are there restrictions on visiting hours?

    Our community is a home for our residents, so we gladly welcome visitors and work with family and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for everyone.

Making the Transition

  • What can I do to make the transition easier for my loved one?

    There are many decisions that go into the process of choosing a senior living community for yourself or someone you care for. It is normal for the family and the resident to experience some degree of anxiety about the move. Residents and family members can make the transition easiest by remaining informed and by proactively seeking a caring environment where the resident will feel most at home.